Antique 16th Century Blue Chinese Ming Dynasty Porcelain Beach Shard Ship Wreck Cargo Santo Espirito South Africa Wildcoast Flower Motif


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16th century Chines Ming Porcelain beach shard originating from the ship wreck called Santo Espirito.

It is however not entirely clear whether the wreck, which lies off Double Mouth's "Bead Beach", is in fact that of the Santo Espirito or that of some unrecorded wreck of which there were no survivors. The only reference to the Santo Espirito in Portuguese literature is that it ran aground on "the coast of Natal, and the survivors escaped by boat to Mozambique". Maps of the age indicate that the coast of Natal could have been farther south than it's current boundary. Analysis of the Chinese Ming Porcelain found washed up at the site, indicates that it may have been made towards the end of the 16th Century.The largest of the three beads has the highly desired striped pattern that is often found in agate.

Dimensions 3cm x 1,5 cm


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