In our gallery you can see a variety of products that we have designed and created over the past few years. New designs are added constantly. If you would us to make a custom order for you or if you have something specific in mind just contact us. We love to create something special for you 

Aquamarine silk cocktail dress made to order

Chocolat Negro has launched their own vintage based fashion label as well inspired by the beautiful designs of the era from 1950 to 1960. Since genuine vintage dresses are harder and harder to get we have started recreating them

Chocolat Negro offers a range of original carefully selected vintage clothing and accessories

Set of 5 ShweShwe Cushions

Brown ShweShwe Cushion

ShweShwe Cushion

Shades of the water

Samba Dance Skirt Button Earrings

Handblended Rooiboos tea packed in handmade paper bags

Recycled vintage map envelopes

Flower Paper Note Book

Shell Cards

Feather and Doilie Diary of handmade paper

Colors of the earth envelopes of handmade paper

Cake Lover's recycled vintage envelopes

Card Potpourri

Wire wrapped Gecko earrings

Copper Button Earrings

Doilie Bag

Crocheted Bag

Tea Cozy

Ceramic button earrings

Bounty Hunter's Necklace

Blue Summer earrings

Blue Mariner Fabric and vintage button necklace

Our creations include fabric jewelery as well like this blue choker necklace

Bib necklace

Beach life earrings made from bottle caps and beads

Antique Cuffs made from Victorian doilies

Ambulance button ring

Apart from the Seafinds Jewelery range we have handmade jewelery range made from a varierty of interesting materials

Shell pendant with green glass stone and silver chain

Driftwood, rosequartz and ceramic flower button pendant

Beach pebble, antique metal coin and swarovski crystal pendant

Necklace made from Victorian mother of pearl buttons and pink glass beads

Oyster cluster shell pendant with pink sea water pearl

Shell and pink sea water earrings

Surfers shell pendant with silver chain

Oyster shell pendant with pink sweet water pearls

The pieces of our range of " Seafinds Jewelry" are made from untreated beach finds like shells, beach pebbles, driftwood mixed with precious and semi precious stones

" Pirate's Necklace" made from glass beads, old metal coins, shells and driftwood pieces

Ghana Wax is a high quality traditional fabric used a lot in African fashion

Head Scarf/Wrap Made Of Ghana Wax

We stock a wide variety of traditional South African ShweShwe fabric brand like Three Cats

We also bring regularly a selection of original African Wax Fabric From our travels from the West Africa

Light Blue And Red Circles On A Dark Blue Background

Set Of 4 Fat Quarter African Wax pieces. A lot of different patterns are available

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